Dog Testimonials

The light came back into my dog's eyes after the first treatment and it made me cry he'd been in constant low level pain but suddenly, he felt so much better. I think he became years younger after just that first session. We've got him to a place now where he just needs the occasional maintenance top up but I think he's secretly disappointed that he doesn't get to have a weekly session. This is a dog who doesn't like to be fussed or touched who runs in, opens the door himself and plonks himself on the mat ready for Ros to do her magic.

Linda McKenzie

Tim totally sorted out my back, damaged by years of high intensity sport and Rhiannon did the same for my springer spaniel. Cannot recommend these guys enough. Life changing physiotherapy.

Lizzie Tiernan

I have no hesitation in endorsing the dedication and professionalism with which Tim and Rhiannon Bradford carry out their work as Veterinary Physiotherapists. I have referred many canine patients to them over the last ten years; some of them were in the process of recovery from orthopedic or spinal surgery, and some non-surgical cases which required the expertise which only a fully qualified physiotherapist can provide.

Bradford Physiotherapy has demonstrated to me that correctly applied physiotherapy is not only an essential part of the treatment for problem cases but should also be considered as a routine complementto the treatment of most musculoskeletal cases. I personally find it most reassuring that Tim and Rhiannon are available to help me with my patientsin such a prompt and efficient manner.

J.B.A. Davies B Sc. BVM&S. Cert SAO. MRCVS. Veterinary Surgeon- JD Orthopaedics

In an age where our clients are bombarded with ineffective andunproven therapies pushed at them by unqualified people, it is alwaysreassuring to know that one can give one's full backing to a referralto these guys, knowing that they have recognised qualifications, knowledge and training, coupled with an empathy with animals and lotsof enthusiasm.

Jo.HammettB.V.Sc., M.R.C.V.S.

Delighted with the treatment given to Margo following her cruciate ligament repair. Excellent instructions on how to manage her rehabilitation and on how to carry out the required exercises and treatment over the following weeks and months. Margo was 11 and half years old at the time of the operation. Extremely pleased also with the treatment given for the back spasms and discomfort she has had inher back and shoulder. Thank you. She is now 13 years old and still comes for 1hrs walk a day!

Anne Lowe

We exceeded this client's expectation and they rated us as 'better' than other therapy services they had used before for their dogs and would definitely be happy to recommend us.

It was good to have Tim come into our home and make us and Holly feel comfortable with him. Time was taken to explain the treatment being carried out. I learnt a great deal from Tim and wouldn't hesitate to ask for help in the future.

Lesley Podd

This client rated us 100% excellent in all aspects of our service provision and felt happy to recommend us to her friends.

We have been very happy over the years that we have used Bradford's Veterinary Physiotherapy with dogs and horses and have recommended others use them and they have equally been happy.

Mr and Mrs J Organ-Competitive Gun Dog owners, breeders and international judges

They felt the single most important expectation of a Physiotherapy service was to 'identify and correct the problem or to refer if the need'. We exceeded their expectations and they rated us 100% excellent in all aspects of our service.

Equine Testimonials

I have known Tim Bradford for about 4 years now and have worked with him on several different horses and also he treats me on a regular basis.

Tim always treats each horse individually with the utmost care and attention to detail. He always researches each horse's history and uses a variety of treatments to cater for their specific needs. He is always very good at explaining his techniques so we can continue with the best possible care for the horses.

I know from a personal opinion, that Tim is incredibly clever when dealing with humans too! He understands the strains of my job on my body and has always managed to sort out a variety of problems that I have gone to him with!

Mr Alan Davies - Travelling groom to Carl Hester MBE - Olympic Gold Medalist and International Dressage Champion.

Very valued team members of our production yard. We wouldn't have any of the results we've had if it wasn't for the guys at Bradfords.

Matt McGivern

When Tim Bradford arrived at our yard 7 years we were very keptical. We had been through several physiotherapists, none of whom in our humble opinion had 'cut the mustard'. Fast forward to 2015, Tim has worked on several of our World Champion horses and has definitely played a big part of their success. He has altered the way we think about our horses and how we work them. We have a more athletic, supple and sounder horse thanks to Bradford Physio and more importantly the ability to know the difference!

Monnington Morgans

I have used Bradfords Veterinary Physiotherapy since 2010 after referral from my vet. I have nothing but praise for the highly professional way both Tim and his fellow physios go about their work. We have a mix of dressage horses, retired eventers and ponies and all have been treated, according to their needs, keeping the competition horses in work and winning. I always have total confidence in their treatment and know I could not find better.

Michelle Dowell

Tim and his team have made an extraordinary difference to the physicalwellbeing of my horses. Their top to toe approach is extremely thoroughand, without exception, they have very significantly improved theperformance of all of my horses from the very 1st session.

Imogen Byers

Vets from the Three Counties Equine Hospital work on a regular basis with Bradford's Physiotherapists both at the hospital and on client's yards. Since the Bradfords started their practice in this area 'the team' has had many successes and we have found Tim and Rhiannon to be thoroughly professional in their approach to cases. Regular feedback to the veterinary surgeon who is part of that team caring for the horse is essential for the continuity of that care and Tim and Rhiannon have always made this a priority. We are very happy to work with the practice.

Three Counties Equine Hospital - http://www.tceh.co.uk/

Our practice has used Tim and Rhiannon for over 8 years. In that time we have continually been impressed with their professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment. A thorough understanding and knowledge of their chosen profession has provided our clients with an invaluable service to help treat and monitor musculoskeletal conditions in the horse.

Ciaran Paterson MRCVS, Meadow Equine Practice, Gloucestershire, UK.

Tim finds the problems!

Mr Robert Smith - Top International Show Jumper and Trainer - http://www.robertsmith.co.uk

This client rated us 'excellent' in all aspects of our service and would be happy to recommend 'Bradford's Veterinary Physiotherapy' to their associates and friends. We also proved to be 'better' than any other therapy services they had used before for their horses.

I have used BVP for several years for my horses and for myself and have found the service to be excellent, extremely thorough and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

Emily Culpeck

We also exceeded this client's expectation and they rated us 'excellent' across all elements of our service. They also felt our intervention was far better than any other therapy services they had used before for their horses and would definitely recommend us to their clients and friends.

Rhiannon's thorough assessment and sensitive management of the pony has enabled him to progress through the scales of training with increased suppleness and athleticism.

Judith Johnson

This client rated us 'excellent' on all aspects of our service and we 'exceeded their expectations'.

Both my wife and I have been very pleased with the treatment given, and I am amazed at the results, especially with the horses who have improved no end.

Steve Williams

We were rated 'excellent' in all areas in relation to our service provision and they would recommend us to their friends.

Kye had virtually been written off by the vets, with them saying he'd only be a hack. But after a year's help from yourselves he went on to hunt, event and completed the Golden Button Ride.

Sue Peckham

This rider felt we had 'exceeded her expectations' and we achieved 100% in her evaluation of our service.

Tim takes time to assess the horse before treatment, then having assessed the situation explains the problem and how to treat, so you are able to understand. He will work on the horse as long as necessary but no longer than necessary!! Results are usually amazing, difference before/after clearly visible.

Julia Weaving

We were 'better' than other therapy services they had used before for their horses and would definitely be happy to recommend us to their friends. This client also rated us 100% 'excellent' on all aspects of our service.

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